Tyrian Artist of the Year Award

Tyrian is an inter-spiritual network created to awaken the artist, healer, and peacemaker in each of us.

We placed the organization under the guardianship of St. Brigid, the patroness of Ireland as well as the ancient Brighid, the “High One”, who guided her lands in peace. The Celtic Brighid was not only patron of the arts, midwifery, farming, wood & metalworking but she was first and foremost a visionary community builder. Tyrian seeks artists who express Brigid’s spirit and whose work promotes harmony with nature and all people.

Award Criteria

  • The Award recipient may be an individual or a group.
  • The work must link and align with Tyrian mission goals.
  • The Award aims at recognizing lesser know artists within Ohio.
  • Application deadline is July 31

Please print out and complete this Tyrian Artist of the Year Award Application (PDF), then mail it to us. Thanks!